New Announcement!

I have a WeHeartIt account now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you can follow me at breeblog_official *all lowercase* If you have a WeHeartIt account, dont hesitate to tell me it down below so i can follow you! (P.S if you follow me, message me saying that you followed me, then i may or may not follow you back and personally give you a shout out) Also, if you find a fake account or think you might of found one, dont hesitate to report it to me right away, including where and when it was found, a link to the account, and also a brief descrption of it. The best way to find me on social media, is via the UC Diaries blog. also if you find one of my original drawings/ products on another website that i didnt give permission ( i will mention if i have or not), also report it, same things, place/day, link to website, and a brief description. to report a fake UC website/ product, email me at XoXo, Bree

Why I temporarily left my blog (+possibly reviving my other abandoned blogs and starting new blogs)

Hello! So first off, i deeply apologize for my abrupt and mysterious disappearance. I hope you are doing ok during this quarantine. So you may already be aware that i had stopped posting for about i think 3 months. Well, thats cuz my MacBook decided to stop working. So i had to switch to my old Dell computer, which honestly,kinda sucks. But yea, so about my abandoned blogs, UC chat, UC Music, and UC fashion. All of those blogs i abandoned because they didnt have enough content that was intresting enough,some dont even have an introduction post! they will be revived soon though. but i am starting up multiple new blogs, UC theories, UC LGBTQ+ , UC paranormal, UC extras, UC Creative,UC Astrology and UC Make Your Day. Links: UC Theories: UC LGBTQ+: UC paranormal: UC extras: UC Creative: UC Astrology:





the title is pretty self explanatory. You can also find info about me in my bio,which may help answer questions about me Q: do you have facebook,instagram,twitter,snapchat,gmail,or a youtube channel?  A:no i dont have an FB,Twitter,IG. I have a gmail (it is for those of you that are curious,but just because you know that doesnt mean you are allowed to message me unless it is blog related!) Q:How old are you? A: i would rather not answer Q:what is your sexuality? A:i am bisexual (i am not straight,but im not gay/lesbian/etc.) Q: what gender are you? A:i would prefer not to answer that